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Facebook Ads: Finding inspiration or getting intel for your ad creative

I’ve recorded a super quick tutorial to help you find inspiration, or a little bit of competitor intelligence… if you’re that way inclined. 😉 One of the common stumbling blocks people have when they are managing their own ads is where to start with creative and copy....

How to exclude specific locations from your data in Google Analytics

Why would you need to exclude data from your Google Analytics, isn’t more visitors and pageviews per session better?Well no, not always.And certainly not when its contributing visits and data from locations that are very far removed from your target audience.  If...

5 key reasons your Facebook Ad campaigns might be falling short

I really enjoy auditing Facebook Ad accounts, yep, I’m nosy like that!  I love seeing how other FB ads managers and agencies structure their campaign and how their strategy plays out in the campaign setup. Lately I’ve noticed the following 5 key areas where some...

Still using Linktree in your bio? You need to read this!

For the love of all things analytical - please stop using the free version of Linktree ?? ⠀⠀ Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great service, super easy to set up and helps you around that pesky limit of 1 url in you bio. But, if you’re serious about measuring your traffic...

The simple Google Analytics goal your website needs

What’s the one simple thing you can do to ensure your Google Analytics data is showing you value when you review your stats? Even if you’re not a ‘numbers’ person ? Even if the thought of monitoring your analytics almost gives you hives ? Even if you’re not an Ecom...

How to find which WordPress theme a website is using

Otherwise known as, I'll have what that site is having, please and thank you! Have you ever wondered how to find which Wordpress theme a website is using? Everyone loves a good snoop right!? When you spend a great deal of time online, inevitably you'll come across...

5 simple things to do before you start Facebook Advertising

So you’ve decided to start running Facebook Ads… what next? Firstly, HOW EXCITING!! I truly hope that you fall in love with this incredibly powerful tactic for supercharging your digital marketing activity. Read on for 5 simple things to do before you start Facebook...

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