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Does talk of sales funnels, paid social advertising [not boosting 😉] and knowing you need to automate your business have you going round in circles?

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Hey, I’m Cat.

Wine lover, interior design freak, routine + organisational nerd, obsessed with helping people find more digital WOW!* every day

*ways of working


How to find which WordPress theme a website is using

Otherwise known as, I'll have what that site is having, please and thank you! Have you ever wondered how to find which Wordpress theme a website is using? Everyone loves a good snoop right!? When you spend a great deal of time online, inevitably you'll come across...

5 simple things to do before you start Facebook Advertising

So you’ve decided to start running Facebook Ads… what next? Firstly, HOW EXCITING!! I truly hope that you fall in love with this incredibly powerful tactic for supercharging your digital marketing activity. Read on for 5 simple things to do before you start Facebook...

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