What’s in a name?

Why Seeking Digital? Well, I’ve had this business name registered [on and off] since 2009, yep, eons when it comes to the digital space!
I arrived at the name two ways. From my maiden initials C KING, and from a service perspective. I wanted to help people who were seeking digital coaching, training and strategy.
In this latest iteration of my business, I toyed with starting completely fresh, with a new name. But when I sat down to brainstorm, I kept coming back to Seeking Digital. To me, it embodies all that I offer, for the people I work with.

What I do.

Seeking Digital specialises in digital marketing coaching, consulting and support services for creative entrepreneurs, eCommerce businesses and health & wellness industry professionals driven to have a greater impact.

My passion and focus lies in supporting and nurturing my clients and giving them the tools and resources to achieve their business goals. So, this business is really about YOU, and what you might be seeking…

What I offer.

Paid social advertising strategies, implementation and easy to understand reporting to REALLY get your business seen, and sales flowing;

In person coaching, training and mentoring where you receive the knowledge and tools to manage aspects of your digital marketing if this is your bag;

Automation, integration and ways of working [aka W.O.W!] to streamline your business processes so you focus on the stuff you’re good at, and less of the stuff that can really start to eat away at your time;

And most importantly, a trusted partner for all the website and technical stuff you know you *could* do by googling and figuring it out, but you know your time is precious and you’d prefer someone to handle it for you.

Hi, I’m Cat!

I’m an accomplished marketing professional, with 20 years experience in industries such as beauty, energy/utilities, property and hospitality. For the past 14 years I’ve had a specialist focus on digital marketing. You can read more about my professional journey to date over here.

Possessing a broad range of technical and traditional marketing skills, my passion lies in the online space. I love to devour the latest in digital media tech and I’m fanatical about automation and analytics. I’m fascinated with other people’s routines and love uncovering their digital WOW [ways of working]. 

I have a natural flair for teaching and a genuine love for training and up-skilling my fellow female business owners. 

Think of me as your new digital marketing best friend!?

Say hello!

Get in touch and let me know a little more about your business & current challenges!

What do you most need help with?