I’ve recorded a super quick tutorial to help you find inspiration, or a little bit of competitor intelligence… if you’re that way inclined. 😉

One of the common stumbling blocks people have when they are managing their own ads is where to start with creative and copy. Now this isn’t the first thing you should be worried about, a sound strategy is definitely the place to start, but it can be something that might cause you a little angst, especially if you’re hand on heart, NOT a copywriter 😉 

When you’re on any Facebook Business page you can access the ads the page is running via the ‘Page Transparency’ area of the page. Once you’ve clicked through, you’ll then see ‘Ads from this page’ – and a statement as to whether they are running ads there [or not]. 

​​If they are running ads, you’ll be able to click through to view their library of ads currently running, and filter by country.

View the full tutorial, Finding inspiration or getting intel for your ad creative; below;