I really enjoy auditing Facebook Ad accounts, yep, I’m nosy like that!  I love seeing how other FB ads managers and agencies structure their campaign and how their strategy plays out in the campaign setup.

Lately I’ve noticed the following 5 key areas where some campaigns are falling short.


Incorrect objective setting

It’s totally ok to not have a complex funnel in place, but is critical to choose the most appropriate objective for your goals. 

Sometimes your business goals are two-fold, and it’s hard to choose the best objective when there are a few options that fit but to be able to evaluate your results and set meaningful KPIs. 

In this situation I like to classify business goals in terms of primary and secondary, and then select the campaign objective that most closely aligns with the primary goal. 


Lack of targeting, or incredibly broad targeting

This is a big one I’ve uncovered in my recent audits. 

One of the most attractive things about Facebook Advertising is your ability to really get specific about the audience you target. 

But just because you can target millions of people that ‘fit’ your ideal client profile, doesn’t mean you should lump all these people into one ad set. 

The challenge with all your detailed targeting criteria falling into one Ad set is that it really doesn’t give you a chance to identify any of the more niche targeting you might have used which are performing really well.


Lack of testing 

I see this at both the Ad set and Ad Creative level. 

I always test a minimum of 2 ad sets, with 2 ad units running within each Ad set. This means a minimum of 4 ads running for a standalone campaign, however 12+ ads running per campaign is a little more standard, particularly when in a testing phase.

The beauty of testing at both the Ad set and Ad creative level is that you’ll always learn something about your audience or creative, even if your campaign doesn’t quite perform as desired. #winwin


Ad Placements not tailored or optimised 

The number of placements available from within Ads Manager is ever increasing, and Facebook naturally wants you to use them all! 

It’s totally fine to commence your campaign using the default ‘automatic’ placements, but you need to keep a close eye on where your ads are actually feeding out to, particularly if some placements are consuming budget and delivering reach, but not delivering quality leads or purchases. 

This is often the case with the Audience Network placement, so I always pay close attention to this one.


Set and forget campaigns

A campaign running for longer periods [ie 90 days] with only 4 ads running will get TIRED so it’s essential to have new creative ready to refresh and test. 

Your frequency metric is the go to for alerting you to creative that might be getting tired.

Also keep an eye on either Ad relevance, or the new engagement measures of; Quality, Engagement, and Conversion rate ranking.


Everyone approaches their campaign builds differently, and that’s a-ok! 

And this is by no means a comprehensive list of optimisations and improvements you can make, my own audit checklist has 20+ areas of assessment and scoring 😉

But with so many elements and options available it can be easy to miss a simple tweak that could make all the difference to the success of your campaign.