For the love of all things analytical – please stop using the free version of Linktree ?? ⠀

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great service, super easy to set up and helps you around that pesky limit of 1 url in you bio.

But, if you’re serious about measuring your traffic and impact from Instagram in Google Analytics then Linktree (the free version) will be messing your overall view of traffic from Instagram.

If you’ve had a chance to download myGoogle Analytics Dashboard, you’ll know that one of the key metrics I keep a close eye on is traffic from social channels – and it’s one of my favourite things to analyse for clients when doing a complete analytics audit.

Why is the free version Linktree not optimal?

Because it classifies traffic you send to your website from Instagram as ‘referral’ traffic.

The alternatives?

Upgrade to the Pro version of Linktree and use the UTM parameters available. Link here for info.

OR…A little more involved, and depending on your level of tech Queen, a little trickier.

If you have access to your website CMS (and you should!!), then create a landing page designed specifically for the traffic you want to direct from Instagram. Then pop this url in your bio.⠀

Remember to make it super mobile friendly, the traffic hitting this page should be 99% from Instagram on a mobile device.⠀

It’s absolutely worth the effort to create:⠀

  1. A branded experience to transition people from Instagram to your most important website content – be it online purchase, bookings or consuming content.⠀
  2. Google Analytics reporting that clearly identifies traffic through your website from Instagram. ⠀⠀

If Instagram is a huge traffic source for your business you need to be tracking this stuff correctly!