Otherwise known as, I’ll have what that site is having, please and thank you! Have you ever wondered how to find which WordPress theme a website is using?

Everyone loves a good snoop right!?

When you spend a great deal of time online, inevitably you’ll come across some amazing sites that really catch your eye.

Even more so if you’re in the market for a new site and gathering together your inspo for your Pinterest board to brief your web designer.

Notice some great functionality and keen to leverage the same on your site? The site might be running a great testimonial slider, or you really love the form functionality they’re using the capture users information.

Or, they’ve nailed their magazine style layout and you’d love to know their secret sauce. Well my friend, I have great news for you!  If the site you’re making heart eyes at is a WordPress site, you are in luck.

Use What WP Theme Is That to help you find which WordPress theme and plugins a website is using. For some sites you’ll uncover the exact name of the theme version they are running and where you can purchase it from. Winner!



Using this tool can save you a lot of time, particularly when you’ve found a look and feel that you love. If you’re building your site yourself for the first time, it can be comforting to know that others use these plugins on the sites you love. Simple!

Caveat: this will only work for WordPress sites, and depending on the amount of custom code you may find that heavily modified themes are not able to be identified.

Enjoy snooping behind the scenes of your fave websites now that you know how to find which WordPress theme a website is using 😉